✨New Report: August 2022 - Summary of Twitter Trends

We found Trump was the hottest topic, with around 50M tweets the past month. NFTs was the most popular topic in the crypto world. And #VMAs was the hottest hashtag, with 14M tweets! Wow.

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        About Trends Predictions

        Trends Predictions gives you access to information about trending topics.

        All the information you can find in Trends Predictions comes from Twitter, but what we do is collect it, prepare it, and give you access to it so that you can have a better understanding of trends around you.

        You can filter trends by different categories: music, politics, sports, tv and movies, and more. Or even filter them by place: a country or a town.

        Trends Predictions gives you access to 5 important features: trends, top hashtags, predictions, trends categories, and a trend overview.

        How this can help you?

        Having access to trending topics around the world, predictions about trending topics, top hashtags, and category filters can help you understand trends, find the best trending topic, or even choose a content idea. Maybe, you just want to know what are the latest trends about music, or sport, or you just want to know what is trending in your country, or maybe you just want to follow a specific trending topic. In all these cases, Trends Predictions is the best option for you.

        More in this article: How Trends Predictions Works?


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