How Trends Predictions Works?

March 13, 2022

Trends Predictions gives you access to information about trending topics. All the information you can find in Trends Predictions comes from Twitter, but what we do is collect it, prepare it, and give you access to it so that you can have a better understanding of trends around you.

You can filter trends by different categories: music, politics, sports, tv and movies, and more. Or even filter them by place: a country or a town.

Trends Predictions gives you access to 5 important features: trends, top hashtags, predictions, trends categories, and a trend overview.


Every single hour, we collect all the Twitter top-50 trending topics for more than 400 places around the world. This list of places includes countries, like: the United States, Japan or Mexico; and towns, like: New York, Madrid or Buenos Aires. You can also find the top trending topics Worldwide.

We put all this information in form of a list. So that, in case you want to know what are the Twitter trending topics in your town, you can just take a look at this list and you'll have this information. You can also navigate through the past trending topics.

Top hashtags

This is a list of top hashtags based on their tweet volume. This information is useful if you want to boost your posts.

To generate this list, we extract every trending topic that is actually a hashtag and order them by their tweet volume. So, if you are going to post about any topic, you can find if any of these hashtags can be useful to boost your content.


Every trending topic can be classified into different categories. We have 9 based categories that are: sports, politics, music, tv and movies, interest and hobbies, books, brands and products, and others. This information comes from Twitter.

trend overview feature
Category filter

You can visit the list of trending topics for any place and you’ll find a list of categories at the top of the page, just filter any category you want by clicking over it. This information is interesting if you want to find trending topics related to a specific category, for example: trends related to politics.

Although this information comes from Twitter, not all trends can be classified into one of these categories, but fortunately, we categorized a good part of them.

Trend overview

In some cases, you will find trending topics on Twitter that you don't know what they are about. Here is where the trend overview comes to the rescue. When you don't know what a trending topic is about, the trend overview is going to help you understand that trending topic without actually visiting Twitter and reading tweets.

trend overview feature
Trend overview for the topic #BestFanArmy

How do we gather this information? For every trend we can classify into a category, we are also able to extract "things" related to them. These things can be a person, place, organization, product, or any other thing. For example: for the trending topic "Champions League", we could find that "Cristiano Ronaldo" and "Real Madrid" are some things related to it or are mentioned. This information comes from Twitter.


This is the most interesting part of Trends Predictions. We use a predictive model built with artificial intelligence that can estimate how likely is for a trending topic to continue on the top-10 in the next 1-3 hours. This model analyses the behavior of every trend all around the world and computes a probability. It's like weather forecasting but with trends.

It sounds interesting, right? Every trending topic has its curve, which means, when a trending topic appears, it starts to increase in popularity up to a point in which it just starts to be less popular. This behavior is automatically analyzed and translated into a "probability" score.

Predictions probabilities

Sometimes these predictions are topics that are already on the top-10, which means this topic's popularity is still increasing, but you could also find topics in the predictions list that haven't been on the top-10 yet, these topics are good options to take into account for your content because we estimate an increase in popularity for this topic in the future.

How this can help you?

Having access to trending topics around the world, predictions about trending topics, top hashtags, and category filters can help you understand trends, find the best trending topic, or even choose a content idea. But maybe, you just want to know what are the latest trends about music, or sport, or you just want to know what is trending in your country, or maybe you just want to follow a specific trending topic. In all these cases, Trends Predictions can be a good option for you.


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